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About Us

Inspired by experience.

It's been almost two decades since I worked on Wall Street in the finance world before starting a family.

After being a stay-at-home mom for 8 years, I took a job in the moving industry.
I was working in sales and I quickly realized there was something missing. When customers booked their move, there was something they weren’t excited about- boxing up their house items.
There are two types of customers in the moving industry, those who box everything themselves and just leave the larger items for the movers to handle and the customers that pay for full pack service. The problem I saw with the ones who pay for full pack service is that the day of the move becomes a stressful one more often than not. Some of the issues I heard were:
“They put the nightstand from my bedroom in the truck and it wasn’t supposed to go because I wanted to donate it to my niece.”
“They grabbed the trash bag and put it in the truck, there was food waste in there and now the truck will stink.”
Hearing about incidents like these got me to wonder if they could be avoided. I also felt a calling to provide an opportunity for other women that yurn for a chance to earn income without the commitment that's required of a full-time job.
One evening I thought about the large number of stay at home parents who had a profession prior to starting a family.  I thought of people who’ve been dreaming of starting their own business, but they don’t do it out of fear of failure, or they think starting a business is always expensive or because they simply don’t have someone to guide them. There are many who would love to have an opportunity to earn income  while their kids are in school.
That’s how the idea came to me.
I didn’t want Boxes Ready to be “another service provider.” I wanted to create a company that’s deeply rooted with some of the beliefs I was raised with -HIP- honesty, integrity and professionalism.
We know we have the perfect recipe for all of us to win,

the customer, the Packer and Boxes Ready.

Boxes in a Truck
Worker Lifting Cardboard Box

Meet The Founder

Our Mission

Our mission at Boxes Ready is to provide professional and reliable packing services that take the stress out of the packing process for our clients. With a focus on honesty, integrity and professionalism, we strive to be the trusted experts in the industry, offering top-quality packing services that protect your belongings and ensure a seamless transition to your new home. We believe everyone deserves a successful move and we are committed to making the packing process and exceptional experience for every customer, every time.

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